The Mercado de Abastos hosts the interactive dramatized visit ‘Performace lives in the market’.

It will take place on November 26.
From 1200. to 13.00.

We are going to know a live and active market.

This dramatization will be set in the years 1920-1929 and located in the currently empty market stalls, thus also giving value to culture and history.

For this, the Ángel Martinez School of Theater and Dance is available, which, in order to make this project more collaborative, has programmed for this Friday, November 18, in the afternoon, a craft workshop on paper vegetables and fruits, Its participation is open to all interested persons.

The initiative intends, in addition to knowing winter vegetables and their good knowledge of them in small businesses, to inform about the recent tax regulations of the Mercado de Abastos de Tudela, which reduces the rate of adjudication of promotion positions by 50% during the first three years, which is a great advantage for potential entrepreneurs in a historic area of ​​our city and already known to the public. Anyone interested in occupying these positions may also consult the City Council staff about these advantages mentioned at the end of the performance.

In addition, as of this day, the market stalls will begin to distribute tickets among their customers to be able to participate in the draw for the ‘Market Christmas Basket’ that will take place on 12/10/22 at 12:30 p.m. and It will be in person or by telephone contact on the second attempt.

We encourage you to visit the Tudela Market and to participate in this fun dramatized visit, where free tastings will also be offered and visitors will be given “the market bag” after the visit.

For a live and active market, Come to the Market!